(Archive) Farm to Table Feast for Festival of Maidens XLIII (2016)

Location: McKinley Presbyterian Church

Tickets: $14 / person.

Limited sideboard seating is available.


The Honorable Lady Roana Aldinoch
The Honorable Lady Katarina MacMolan

From THL Roana:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to present this year’s menu for the Festival of Maidens. It is, of course, subject to change as needs must. This menu involves a number of Farm-to-Table items worth your notice. If the item has a star, we will be growing or raising that menu item on the Vail farm, or it will be made from scratch. This menu is a nod to our event theme of “This time it’s Persona-L”, and is from a tour of the Mediterranean Sea.

On Table:
Marinated mushrooms*, Pickled eggs*, Crusty bread*, Quince Jam, Flavored butters, Cheese*


Winter squash soup

1st course:

Roasted chicken in French Herbs & Sauces*, Hashed chard & Spinach, Garlic Torta

2nd course:

King of Meats (sausages)*, Cheese Gnocchi, Eggplant in Sauce, King Manfred’s Torta*

Dessert course:

Cannoli w/ Custard*, Honeyed lemons & limes


Sekanjabin*, water