Maidens Directions & Parking


To the Illini Union

To McKinley Presbyterian Church & Foundation


Parking options are available all over campus, though we’ve tried to find the closest and best spaces for you. This Google map shows the area around the event sites, with the Illini Union, McKinley Presbyterian, and nearby parking lots labeled for you.

When searching for your own spaces, it is imperative that you read the large blue signs at all University parking lots. Some parking lots are metered 24/7, and some are not available to the public at all (like the Illini Union Hotel lot). Our map (linked above) identifies which parking lots are best for your purposes.

We will have bagged spaces at the front of the Union for loading and unloading only, and five designated handicapped spaces. Please unload your belongings quickly, then move your vehicle so that others may do the same. Parking is strictly prohibited in the Fire Lane, and vehicles will be ticketed and towed if left there. If you expect to need one of the handicapped spaces, please let us know when you arrive onsite.