Arts and Sciences Activities

Classes — See Spreadsheet
Master Carlos’ Musical Instrument Collection

Master Carlos’ astonishing collection of over 100 medieval musical instruments will be on display for most of the day, and some classes will be held in the same area.

Mock A&S Faire

We will be holding our annual Mock Arts and Sciences Faire in with the Craftsperson’s Area.

This is a chance for those who are more experienced to show off their skills as well as allowing those wanting to enter an A&S faire for the first time a chance to see how the process works and how they can improve their projects and/or their documentation for upcoming events.

The faire will be held in accordance with SCA guidelines and criteria. See for a list of divisions and judging standards.

Tables open at 9am and all entries must be on display by 11:00am. Tables will close at 5pm and all items must be picked up by 5:30pm. A discussion will be held between individual participants and the judges to go over why things were judged the way they were. Bardic contestants will be given a time and room assignment at sign-up.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what the SCA faire circuit is all about!

Coordinator: THL Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina, Midlands Regional MoAS

Craftsperson’s Faire

There will be jewelry making, a drop-in weaving station, an Itinerant
Poet-Bard for Hire, a scribal table, a lathe, and a huge display of
musical instruments (and more). Lots of things to see and lots of
things to do. In addition to the more active displays, there will be a
few craftspeople showing some of what they do and pretties to look at!
It will be on the third floor.